Species and Price List

This spreadsheet is current as of 5/2024, but is subject to change. Please contact me with any questions -thank you!

To use this spreadsheet window, scroll left and right to see all fields. For your convenience, I've recently added soil moisture (💧) and light conditions (🌑 🟡). 

No drop = no supplemental water after establishment, except in extreme drought
💧= species needs some moisture, not dry soil
💧/💧💧 = some moisture to wetland/rain garden (i.e. Swamp Milkweed)
💧💧 = is a wetland plant (i.e Marsh Marigold
🟡 = full sun, prairie species
🌑 🌓 🟡 = shade to sun; depends on site conditions like soil moisture, wind
🟡 🌓 = mostly sun, good with morning, mid or late day sun
🌓 = part day of sun, part day of shade, afternoon shade is best
🌑 🌓 = mostly shade, dappled sun, or morning sun with shade remainder of day
🌑 = woodland shade species, lightly dappled sun or bright shade okay