Uvalaria grandiflora, Large-flowered Bellwort

Large-flowered Bellwort opening up on a cloudy day in early May

I look forward to Bellflower every spring. It often appears in new, unexpected locations throughout our woodlands, and even around the shaded edges of our gardens. As a wildflower, Bellflower requires very little in the way of care other than planting it in the appropriate conditions. It will slowly grow into small clusters of plants. Good companions include Bloodroot, Blue Cohosh, Early Meadow Rue, and Maidenhair Fern. It will spread more readily in moist-medium soils.

Blooms: yellow, late April into May

Height: 10 to 16 inches

Conditions: shade to pt shade (morning sun), moist-medium to medium

Bellwort near the garden with bee

Garden Bellwort about to open, with pollinator

Bellwort in its woodland habitat

Bellwort's leaves unfurled, it begins to set seed.