Rudbeckia hirta var "Gloriosa," Gloriosa Daisy

The Gloriosa Daisy is a fairly common strain, sometimes listed as sport, of Rudbeckia hirta. How is Gloriosa different from the common Rudbeckia hirta? Unlike the all-yellow rays on the straight species, Gloriosa has red-maroon-mohogany centers on larger flower rays. Gloriosa often has fewer branches, larger, sometimes double, flowers and stout stems. For those who enjoy the difference, give this one a try. It will cross pollinate with the straight species, potentially altering its offspring. Like Rudbeckia hirta, Gloriosa is generally biennial or short-lived perennial. Allow it to self seed.

For an analysis on the benefits and complications of planting species sports and hybrids, see here. Although we never planted (or saw) any Gloriosa Daisy on our property before the nursery, one showed up a few years ago (the pictured one, above). We do, however, have the straight species growing in different spots. The seeds for Shelterwood's Gloriosa were collected from a mahogany-red flowered plant at the edge of a woodland road near Park Rapids, MN.

Blooms: yellow with deep red, July into September 

Height: 2 to 3 feet

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to medium-dry soils