Penstemon gracilis, Slender Beardtongue

 Pictures to Come!


I am pretty excited about the possibilities for Slender Beardtongue, or what I prefer -the more alliterative Slender Penstemon. I'm hoping Slender can do some of work I ask of Hairy Beardtongue, Penstemon hirsutus, an all around great, versatile garden plant that is not quite native to Minnesota (but is still such a great garden plant that I continue to offer it). 

Slender Penstemon will do as well in most of the same conditions, although it won't be as tolerant of shade and moisture as Hairy Beardtongue is. Slender is also a taller, upright plant, but that just means it will do well in its community of prairie, sand prairie, and savanna plants.

Blooms: pale blue-violet, May into July

Height: 24 inches

Conditions: sun to pt shade, medium-dry to dry soils