Elymus villosus, Silky Wild Rye

Silky Wild Rye at seed.
Silky Wild Rye is a staple, medium height grass of woodlands, woodland clearings, edges and savanna gardens. As a cool season grass, it's foxtail inflorescence arrives by summer. It will self-seed, an entirely desirable trait, but won't take over. Compared to its cousin, Canada Wild Rye, it is greener, shinier, and less substantial. Compared to its other cousin, Bottlebrush Grass, it is more likely to be found upland or slope-side in drier, open woodlands, whereas Bottlebrush prefers moister soil and is more common in bottomlands. Despite this, both are tolerant as long as they are in semi-shaded locations and they can be grown together.

Blooms: greenish beige, July into August

Height: 2 to 3 feet

Conditions: shade to pt shade, medium to medium-dry soils


First year Silky Wild Rye in 2 quart pots, early in the growing season.