Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot

Bloodroot in flower, April
Bloodroot is rather a rite of spring. It's bright white rays open up on those cool, sunny, early spring days, only to give way to ephemerality as summer approaches. Although considered ephemeral, its unique gray-green leaves sometimes last well into summer. 

A decidedly upland plant, Bloodroot can tolerate moist clay as well as it can the drier soils under trees. Plant with almost any woodland plant as it comes up well before nearly all. It does well with many other ephemeral species and can be planted in garden soil with spring bulbs -just remember where you planted it!

Blooms: white with yellow, late March to mid May

Height: 6 to 12 inches

Conditions: sun to shade (at leaf out), moist-medium to medium-dry soils, ephemeral

Bloodroot coming up with Virginia Wetleaf

Bloodroot, potted.