Geum triflorum, Prairie Smoke

Post bloom is straight out of Dr. Seuss

If you do not have Prairie Smoke in your garden, your missing out! Its fantastical seed heads are a delight to all who see them. If you are creating a prairie garden or simply have well-draining soils and sun, Prairie Smoke will fit right in. 

Most prairie plants we think of are heat loving plants. But what of that early period when the morning temperatures are still cold and the summer prairie species are not yet stirring? Prairie Smoke! Add to that Pasque Flower and a cool season sedge like Plains Oval Sedge and you've got yourself some early season interest and habitat.

Blooms: pinkish red, April through June (many consider the seed stage part of the bloom)

Height: 8 to 12 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium, well-drained to dry soils