Hamamelis virginiana, Witchhazel


Witch-hazel is another one of those species that prefers just a few more inches of rain a year than most of Minnesota's counties have to offer. It is native to woodlands along the St. Croix and the Driftless Region of southeastern Minnesota and is noted to be threatened in the state. That said, it has become a fairly common yard shrub or tree sold at many nurseries. It's native habitat is a deciduous woodland where it grows in the understory. Can do well with east facing exposure at the edge of a woodland or other shading structure. I've got a handful that may be ready in 2024.

Blooms: greenish-yellow, September through October, possibly as late as November.

Height: 6 to 18 feet

Conditions: shade to pt shade, moist-medium to medium soils 

Cloudy December day (!) when this shot was taken at the neighbors.