Festuca subverticillata, Nodding Fescue

Pots of first year Nodding Fescue.
Nodding Fescue is a dark green, graceful grass of Minnesota's woodlands that should be used more often. This species is perfect for under trees, along vernal pools and near woodland edges along with Hairy Wood Sedge, Sprengel's Sedge, Woodland Geranium, Virginia Wetleaf, Clustered Black Snakeroot, Lady Fern, White Avens, Woodland Ginger, several ephemeral species, and more. Plant Nodding Fescue after buckthorn removal, as its clumping habit will expand and self seed to infill barren areas.

Blooms: pale green, May into June; fruit June to August

Height: 2 to 3 feet (when flowering)

Conditions: shade to pt shade, moist to medium soils