Phlox divaricata, Wild Blue Phlox

Wild Blue Phlox ranges from pale purple to baby blue and has a scent not to miss.

Phlox divaricata, Wild Blue Phlox, is a spring flowering woodland plant growing throughout most of the southern half of Minnesota. It will do well in in part sun to nearly-full shade with moist, well-drained to medium soil. The flowers can be quite fragrant, so plant it where you can kneel. Morning sun will increase blooms and cause the plant to be more upright, but not too much sun!

Blooms: pale blue to lavender, late April to mid June

Height: 8 to 14 inches

Conditions:: part sun to nearly full shade, moist, well drained to medium soils

Part sun gives Wild Blue Phlox more blooms and an upright form, seen here, on May 21.

Wild Blue Phlox will slowly spread, but never drive out other plants.