Carex pensylvanica, Pennsylvania Sedge

Pennsylvania Sedge in bloom as Virginia Waterleaf greens up, behind.

You'd be hard-pressed to go wrong with Carex pensylvanica. This low-growing sedge does well in almost any condition -shade to sun, medium to dry soil, undisturbed habitat to highly disturbed. Its early cream-yellow inflorescence is simply charming. If you wish to have a patch, start with plants, not seeds, as germination can be a challenge. This sedge is excellent for drier upland and sloped woods, under Oaks, Ironwood, Basswood. Plant with Wild Leeks, Woodland Strawberry, False Solomon's Seal, Wood Sedge, and more.
Blooms: creamy yellow, April to May
Height: 6 to 12 inches
Conditions: shade to pt shade or sun, medium to dry soils
PA Sedge habitat: Ramps, Nodding Trillium, False Solomon's Seal & Virginia Wetleaf.