Solidago ptarmicoides, Upland White Goldenrod

Pictures to Come!

Another interesting species I began growing in 2023 and will be ready for you in 2024. Although you may confuse it with an aster, it hybridizes with Goldenrods, and is then in the Solidago family. Unique for its white flowers, it is a low growing species of prairie and other well-drained sites across all corners of Minnesota. However, it is not listed in Hennepin County and given that we are surrounded by counties that have reported specimens over the years, I suspect that it has been under-reported in the metro counties or simply has been extirpated by agriculture in most locations (dry, well-drained) that could have supported it. So, feel no "near-native-shame" growing Upland White Goldenrod in your prairie or sand prairie garden.

Blooms: white, July through September
Height: 1-2 feet
Conditions: sun to pt sun, well-drained medium-dry to dry soil