Phlox pilosa, Prairie Phlox

Prairie Phlox flower, closeup
When people think of phlox, they often imagine common garden phlox or maybe creeping phlox, but Prairie Phlox -never heard of it! Despite under-representation in the horticultural industry, this plant should be in everyone's garden. It is fairly drought tolerant, has nice form, blooms for a long period and will re-bloom more densely if trimmed (thank you, deer). Much like Prairie Onion and Butterflyweed, this is one shortgrass prairie plant I do not want to be without. 

Blooms: shades of pink to lavender, late May into July

Height: 18 to 24 inches

Conditions: sun to pt shade, medium to medium-dry soils

Prairie Phlox at the nursery receives morning to mid day sun with afternoon shade.

Various shades of pink to pinkish-white to lavender.

Prairie Phlox form, before flowering. Deer will nip in spring, but grows back to flower.