Chelone glabra, White Turtlehead

White Turtlehead, so named because its flower looks like, you guessed it, a turtlehead, is a wetland and lakeshore edge plant native to the eastern and northern Minnesota forested counties. There is a pink sport of Chelone glabra with the epithet 'Hot Lips,' which I do have growing in our pt sun flower garden. That is to say, the White Turtlehead we sell is not the pink one. Like Hot Lips, White Turtlehead may do well in the flower garden if given enough moisture. Otherwise, it is great for rain gardens, lake shores, wetland edges and nearby anywhere water collects. It is a late summer bloomer that is attractive to bumblebees and other pollinators.

Blooms: white, July to September

Height: 3 to 4+ feet

Conditions: sun to pt sun, wet to moist-medium soils

Can you see the turtle head?