Viola pedatifida, Prairie Violet

Pictures to Come!

Prairie Violet is one of those must have companion plants to other low-growing, dry soil tolerant, spring native plants like Pasque Flower, Prairie Smoke, Prairie Shooting Star and Blue-eyed Grass. You won't need crocus bulbs with a garden like that!

Prairie Violet may be easily confused with Birdfoot Violet, Viola pedata (which we may carry in the future). To differentiate, note that Prairie Violet's flower is bearded at the throat, whereas Birdfoot is smooth. Both of these Viola species might hybridize with the Common Blue Violet, Viola sororia, in your yard and garden. 

Shelterwood grows different Viola species and several strains of Viola sororia in various shades of white, purple, blue, speckled and yellow. Prairie Violet plants we sell to you will be true to the common characteristics of Prairie Violet.

Blooms: violet, late April into June

Height: 4 to 6 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to medium-dry soils