Asclepias verticillata, Whorled Milkweed

Whorled Milkweed has fine foliage enjoyed by Monarch caterpillars.

Another unique Milkweed species that is perfect for a prairie or sand prairie, or savanna setting. I grow mine in a partly sunny site (morning sun, dappled afternoon) in a compacted class 5 gravel slope just outside our studio building. Some complain it spreads, but we should expect that from many of our milkweeds. Plant this one in the right community of plants (not a formal flower garden) with the right medium to dry, well-draining conditions and it will surprise you with its delicate beauty and ability to attract monarch eggs. 

Blooms: greenish white,  July to September

Height: 16 to 24 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to dry soils