Carex lupulina, Hop Sedge

A large patch of Hop Sedge in a mostly shaded location

Hop Sedge is a medium-large, clump forming sedge with hop-like fruit and attractive, shiny leaves. While Hop Sedge is considered a wetland species, it does remarkably well in clay that stays relatively moist in summer, as on this site above, where it is growing on a mounded mix of subsoil from an outbuilding excavation, class 5 gravel, and woodland mineral soils. It is worth experimenting with this one as it is likely to do well in any moist garden soil as long as it receives at minimum part shade, particularly in the afternoon. Great for a rain garden with only morning sun or shade.

Blooms: cream-ochre green, June into July

Height: 16 to 36 inches, likely tallest in wetland settings

Conditions: pt sun to full shade, wet to moist-medium soils

A colony alongside strong-grower Ostrich Fern -they keep each other in check.

Hop Sedge perigynia are tightly packed, numerous and point upward.