Enemion biternatum, False Rue Anemone

False Rue Anemone in its natural habitat alongside Wild Ginger

False Rue Anemone is a spreading ephemeral of Minnesota woodlands that goes by two botanical names -Enemion and Isopyrum biternatum. While False Rue Anemone looks similar to some of the other Anemone you might find in the woods in spring, look to the the somewhat taller, reddish stems with branching habit to identify False Rue Anemone.

This ephemeral will do well with Wild Ginger, Wild Leeks, Maidenhair and Lady Fern.

Blooms: white with pink blush and yellow, April into May

Height: 6 to 12 inches

Conditions:  shade to pt shade (after leaf out), moist-medium to medium soils, ephemeral