Heterotheca villosa, Hairy False Goldenaster

The photo makes it look large, but it's a low growing plant with half to one inch diameter flowers.

Hairy (because...hairy) False (because...not a Goldenaster) Goldenaster (Aster, yes, and golden too) is a wonderful plant at its eastern boundary here in Minnesota. It grows prolifically in the mountain states at elevation, so clearly tolerates cold winters, hot summers, and stretches of dry weather. Despite its prostrate, low-mounding disposition, it is a tough plant will work great along with Silky Aster and other low-growers in a hot spot, say along the walkway, driveway or any other sunny local that gets baked in summer. Grasses planted alongside should be short, like Blue Grama.

Blooms: yellow, July to October

Height: 8 to 18 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, well-draining medium-dry to dry soils