Symphoricarpos albus, Snowberry


Attractive blue-green foliage and unique pink-blushed flowers and white fruit. Snowberry provides pollinator value and it has been reported that hummingbirds will take to these flowers. Several bird species eat the berries and also use the plant for cover. 

There is confusion about the Symphoricarpos species in Minnesota -one being the western species, Wolfberry, S. occidentalis, ranging natively over most of Minnesota and the other Snowberry, a more eastern and northern species ranging north and east of Minnesota's I94 corridor. They are very similar in appearance. Flower petals opening wide or staying almost closed is not a species indicator enough to distinguish from my point of view. I am using the short style and fewer flower hairs to identify my plants as Snowberry.

Blooms: pink blushed white, June into July

Height: 3 to 6 feet

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to medium-dry soils