Hepatica acutiloba, Sharp-leaved Hepatica

Hepatica acutiloba in its native habitat.

Hepatica is one of the earliest blooms of spring. In Minnesota, there are pointed-leaf and rounded-leaf Hepaticas. Shelterwood is propagating H. acutiloba, the pointed-leaf. Hepatica grows in the deciduous forest, preferring to come up through leaf litter before the greens of spring are upon us. Often the early leaves are a deep maroon during the colder days of spring, turning green as the season warms up. 

Blooms: pale-blue-lavender to white, late March, but more likely April into early May

Height: 6 to 8 inches

Conditions: pt shade to shade (after leaf out), medium to medium-dry soils

The sharp-lobed leaves

Up in Anoka County