Hepatica acutiloba, Sharp-leaved Hepatica

Hepatica acutiloba in its native habitat.

Hepatica is one of the earliest blooms of spring. In Minnesota, there are pointed-leaf and rounded-leaf Hepaticas. Ours is H. acutiloba, the pointed-leaf. In most respects, they are quite similar. Hepatica grows in the deciduous forest, preferring to come up through leaf litter before the greens of spring are upon us. Often the early leaves are a deep maroon through the colder days of spring. 

Blooms: pale-blue-lavender to white, late March, but more likely April into early May

Height: 6 to 8 inches

Conditions: pt shade to shade (after leaf out), medium to medium-dry soils

The sharp-lobed leaves

Up in Anoka County