Liatris punctata, Dotted Blazing Star

 Picture to Come!


Dotted Blazing Star is the star of the sand prairie in your life. That doesn't mean you cannot plant Liatris aspera (see below) in a sand prairie, just that Dotted does it so well. It is also one of the shorter Blazing Stars, which makes sense given the super well-drained, lean soils of sand plains leading to shorter plants across that habitat.

Blooms: pinkish magenta, July into September

Height: 16 to 24 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium-dry to dry, sandy or gravelly soils

 The Four Liatris...

  • Liatris punctata, Dotted Blazing Star for sandy, dry soils
  • Liatris pycnostachya, Prairie Blazing Star for moist soils
  • Liatris aspera, Rough Blazing Star for dry soils
  • Liatris ligulistylis, Meadow Blazing Star for average soils