Gentiana andrewsii, Bottle Gentian

 Pictures to Come!

Is there a Minnesota native flower as blue as Bottle Gentian in September? Should you come back tomorrow to see it if it opened? To the first question, I don't think so. To the second, no, it won't ever open up to us mere mortals. Only Bumble Bees have the fortitude to witness what's inside of a Bottle Gentian flower. Judging by the quantity of comments on the Minnesota Wildflowers Bottle Gentian page, this plant is beguiling to many. We are growing Bottle Gentian out this spring so you can bring the beguiling home to your rain garden, wetland edge, or wet meadow.

Blooms: blue, blue-purple, August through September

Height: 16 to 26 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, moist to moist-medium