Bouteloua gracilis, Blue Grama

Flowers of Blue Grama

Blue Grama is another of the must have short grasses of the prairie thanks to its blue-gray color, clump forming short stature, and dozens of inflorescent spikes that flutter in the breeze. It is a great companion to many prairie forbs, grasses, or sedge including Prairie Dropseed, Plains Oval Sedge, Junegrass, Butterflyweed, Prairie Phlox and Prairie Onion. Side Oats Grama or Little Bluestem will overwhelm Blue Grama -I recommend choosing those for larger areas with taller flowering species.

Blooms: pale yellow-green with blush of rose, July into August

Height: 12 to 18 inches

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to dry, well-draining soils

There may be no better grass for the sidewalk edge than a sea of Blue Grama.

Blue Grama inflorescence in the breeze suggests a school of silvery minnows.