Anemone virginiana, Tall Thimbleweed

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Tall Thimbleweed, also known as Virginia Anemone, is one of the taller anemone species you'll find. Perfect for woodland edges, savannas, and even conventional gardens under trees, it will tolerate a range of light conditions with a preference for the medium to medium-dry soil common to upland forest clearings. This early to mid summer bloomer is perfect to plant alongside late summer blooming plants like White Snakeroot, Bluestem Goldenrod, Lion's Foot, and Blue Wood Aster, early bloomers like Bloodroot, Columbine and Jacob's Ladder, several Sedge species as well as Bottlebrush Grass and Silky Wild Rye.

Blooms: white, June into August

Height: 2 to 3 feet

Conditions: pt shade to dappled shade, medium to medium-dry soils