Nuttallanthus canadensis, Blue Toadflax

Basal "rosette" of a first year Blue Toadflax.

In an effort to grow more sand prairie plants, I began growing Blue Toadflax in spring, 2023. Its listing as a Special Concern species, in Minnesota, suggests that it may be difficult to grow, although I hadn't found that in year one. As a biennial, it won't flower until the second year. 
This plant prefers soil that is for all practical purposes, pure sand. As you can see in my photo, above, I am not growing these in pure sand. Life in a pot is not the same as life in the ground and sand, in a pot, isn't as well-drained as the coarse material I've used here. So, if you have sandy soil and sunny location, consider planting this diminutive species. Does not need a lot of water. As always, plant among other sand prairie species like Large-flowered Penstemon, Wild Lupine, Butterflyweed, Bush-headed Clover, Prairie Blue-eyed Grass and allow to self seed. This could be a good candidate for a rock garden -add some Pasque Flower too.
Blooms: Blue-purple with white, May-July
Height: 4 to 20 inches
Conditions: sun, dry sandy soil
Although appears to have many stems, it has only one and many leaf branches.