Sisyrinchium campestre, Prairie Blue-eyed Grass

Prairie Blue-eyed Grass is not a grass, but a forb in the iris family that grows in Minnesota's well-draining regions. This spring bloomer with star-shaped flowers will spread over time, via rhizome.

I consider this a sand prairie plant, but any medium to dry, well-draining site should do. It is not a plant for heavy, clay soils. If you are looking for a Blue-eyed Grass that will do well in moist conditions, you may be better with Sisyrinchium mucronatum, Needle-point or Sisyrinchium montanum, Mountain, neither of which I am growing. All three Blue-eyed Grasses prefer well-draining soils, and only Prairie Blue-eyed Grass excels in dry soils.
Blooms: pale blue-lavender white, May into June
Height: 6 to 12 inches
Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to dry soils, prefers sandy