Solidago speciosa, Showy Goldenrod

 Pictures to Come!

Somewhat similar to another clump-forming, prairie Solidago species, Stiff Goldenrod. Differences are in leaf characteristics, flower form, and range. Showy Goldenrod has less "leathery" leaves, a bit greener too, than Stiff Goldenrod. Showy's flower form is more pyramidal or columnar where Stiff has a flat-top type cluster. As for range, there is much overlap, but Showy is more widely distributed east and Stiff has more presence in the western plains and mountains. No matter, both are great autumn pollinator magnets that do not spread by rhizome, to take over, like Canada Goldenrod.

It was reported to me that people were having trouble finding Showy, so I started growing it for 2023. Should have a number to offer in 2024!

Blooms: yellow, July through September
Height: 3-5 feet
Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to dry soils