Verbena stricta, Hoary Vervain

Verbena hastata, Hoary Vervain

Verbena stricta, Hoary Vervain, is the dry-land cousin of Blue Vervain. Both will do well in a garden, although Hoary Vervain prefers full sun and placement among other sturdy plants to remain thoroughly upright. Not that I am down on this one -it's a great plant in my gardens! I prefer to keep it within a prairie or meadow and not at the front edge where it is prone to self-seed in open, dry spots such as a gravel path or driveway. 

Hoary has gray-green, fuzzy leaves and is heat-tolerant, as you may expect from a dry-land prairie species. Does tolerate some shade if you can tolerate it leaning for some sun. Hoary Vervain has a long bloom time, flowering from the bottom upward of several ever extending stalks. Dead-heading or pinching encourages more blooming stalks. If self-seeding is a concern, simply cut and compost the post-bloom stalks. 

Bloom: pale-blue to lavender, June through September

Height: 2 to 3 feet

Conditions: sun to part sun, medium to dry soils, flowering stems lean -support where needed

Verbena stricta, Hoary Vervain with Bumble Bee.