Solidago caesia, Blue-Stem Goldenrod

Solidago caesia, Blue-stem Goldenrod flowers

Bluestem Goldenrod is another near-native plant, native into Wisconsin and Iowa, but not  Minnesota. They are a great shade plant with glaucous stems and a spray of gold in the fall. Spreads by self-seeding. Due to its non-native status and self-seed spreading, I've discontinued this from our inventory. It is a great plant and can be used wisely in an urban yard.

Blooms: yellow, August to October

Height: about 26 inches, give or take

Conditions: dappled shade, pt shade, pt sun, medium to medium dry soils

A spray of medium height flowering stems, here on a cloudy day with asters.

Bluestem Goldenrod begins to bloom late summer into fall.