Agrimonia striata, Woodland Agrimony

I began seeding Woodland Agrimony in spring of 2023 to great success. These overwintered plants will be available in spring of 2024. It's dark green leaves and cheerful yellow flowers are little known, as is suggested by the lack of any comments on this species' Minnesota Wildflowers page. It also has a unique continental distribution that courses from New England, up to Canada, through the Upper Midwest, down through the Mountain West and traveling deep into the Southwestern desert regions.

This is a woodland edge plant that could grow alongside Smooth Wild Rose, Blue Wood Aster, American Bellflower, Solomon's Seal, White Snakeroot, False Sunflower, Tall Thimbleweed, maybe even Cow Parsnip.
Blooms: yellow, June through August
Height: 3 to 5 feet
Conditions: pt sun to pt shade, medium soils