Sporobolus heterolepis, Prairie Dropseed

Prairie Dropseed at the MN Landscape Arboretum

Prairie Dropseed, also known as Northern Dropseed, is one of a handful of quintessential prairie grasses that has made it into the common garden. For good reason as this grass is heat tolerant, grows in moist to dry soils, has a clump or mounding form, and isn't likely to spread all over your garden. It glows golden in the late summer through early winter, its seeds feed the birds, and it has a fine scent when brushed. What more can you ask for? 

This is a must have for your short-grass prairie or savanna planting. It is a bit tougher to germinate successfully than several other of the prairie grasses, so you may want to start this one with potted plants. Grows well with many sun to part sun prairie and savanna plants like Butterflyweed, Prairie Onion, Blue Grama, Blue-eyed Grass, and Prairie Phlox..

Blooms: indistinct, seeds form August into September

Height: 16 to 28 inches

Conditions: Sun to pt sun, moist but well-drained to dry soils

Prairie Dropseed seeds