Carex hirtifolia, Hairy Wood Sedge


Hairy Wood Sedge sums it up pretty well. You can find this sedge growing within eastern, central, and southern Minnesota woodlands. Unlike its cousin Common Wood Sedge, Hairy Wood Sedge won't be found from sun to shade, but it is an excellent species to plant into woodland restorations where shade and moist soils are the norm. Shelterwood has a good supply of this excellent, gray-green sedge perfect for woodland gardens where you have Wild Ginger, Large-flowered Bellwort, Virginia Waterleaf, Lady Fern and more.

Blooms: green-beige, May into July
Height: 8 to 16 inches
Conditions: shade, moist-medium to medium soils

The hairs on the blades that give this sedge its name.