Lilium michiganense, Michigan Lily

Michigan Lily blooming in 2023 at Shelterwood

Shelterwood's Michigan Lilies have bloomed! Not only have they bloomed, these several year old specimens have also multiplied their stems in 2023. These do take many years to grow to maturity and patience + protection is the key to success beyond prope conditions. This native wetland-woodland edge native lily would work well at the edge of a moist woodland, a rain garden with morning sun, or a rich pt shade garden of any sort. But, beware deer browse- lilies, native or not, that dangle are tasty to herbivores. Sends out multiple blooms per stalk at maturity.

Blooms: orange with maroon spots, July

Height: 4 to 6 feet

Conditions: pt sun to pt shade, moist to moist-medium soils

Bud opening Michigan Lily
Michigan Lily buds opening