Silene stellata, Starry Campion

Multiple blooms of Starry Campion

Silene stellata showcases whorled leaves perfectly.

Given the wide range of the weedy white-flowered Campion, or Silene, species in Minnesota (and across the states), it is satisfying to find this white flowered, well-mannered Minnesota native Campion. Not only are the flowers lovely, it has a fairly long bloom time from mid summer to September. Remarkably dry soil tolerant once established, thanks to its fleshy tap root, Starry Campion will do well at the edges of woods, in savanna plantings, and can even be tried around the partly shady edges of a prairie plantings. 
Although a perennial, when sited well, it will self seed around much like its Illinois prairie native cousin, the scarlet red Silene regia. Starry Campion is native from Hennepin County, with a range fanning out to the southwest and southeastern counties of Minnesota and is not native to the remainder of the state.

Blooms: white, July into September

Height: 16 to 32 inches

Conditions: sun to pt shade, medium to medium-dry soil