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Welcome To Shelterwood Gardens

Shelterwood Gardens is closed for the winter. If you would like to receive our newsletter, send an email using the contact form or email shelterwoodgardens at gmail dot com! I can order a very large number of different Minnesota native species in plug trays, often can mix and match in quantities of six, at competitive prices. If this is of interest, please email me as soon as possible(email address above if mobile or side bar contact form on computer). There are species that will require 1-3 months of lead time and others that can be offered within 2 weeks.  If you are the recipient of a Lawn2Legumes grant -congratulations! Shelterwood is a favorite supplier for grant recipients. Make an appointment and we can spend some time to help select three season bloom. If you want to add individual or mixed species to your planting regime, I can help with that too. Find us on Google Maps here . See Hours & Directions page in the menu for current hours. Parking: Shelterwood is located at our

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