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Welcome To Shelterwood Gardens

Shelterwood  is open! See the Direction & Hours page for hours.   To be added to the seasonal newsletter list, email me at:  SHELTERWOODGARDENS at GMAIL dot COM   Growing over 200 species, Shelterwood is likely to have what you cannot find anywhere else. Nearly all species are mature plants -meaning that our plants have been growing two, three, or more years and have overwintered, outdoors. Winter vernalization creates a hardier plant at planting time than those grown lushly in a greenhouse. Benefits of Planting Mature, Over-wintered Native Plants The hardiness advantage. Plugs that leave the warm, humid greenhouse can be stressed by our fickle climate that offers up wind, drought, heat or a late freeze Larger plants may have better rates of survival when browsed by deer Nearly all are ready-to-flower, benefiting pollinators and you much sooner Self-seeding can occur in the same year as planted Larger plants are less likely to be missed by the water hose L ess likely to be stepp

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