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Welcome To Shelterwood Gardens

  Special Event: We will be selling at Landscape Revival on June 3rd in Oakdale, MN. Special pricing for this event only! See you there! Growing nearly 200 species, the odds are good I have what you cannot find anywhere else. Nearly all species are mature plants -meaning that they have already been growing one or more seasons. What are the benefits of planting mature native plants? One benefit is better rates of survival when up against rabbits and deer. Ready-to-flower is another advantage because self seeding will occur as quickly as possible. Larger plants are also less likely to be missed by the water hose, and even less likely to be stepped on, compared to small plugs during that critical first few months after planting. If you would like to receive my seasonal newsletter, use the contact form or email me at: shelterwoodgardens at gmail dot com and you will be added to the next mailing. I am introducing more shrubs and a handful of woodland understory trees to help you establi

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