Phemeranthus parviflorus, Small-flowered Fameflower


Small-floweed Fameflower is a special little species of thin soiled, often bare bedrock, prairies surrounding the Minnesota River.  I began growing this last spring with great success. However, I was concerned that the buds were never opening (see bud in the below image). Turns out, they only opened on cloudy days or the late afternoon. When they did open they were wonderful little gems. Fleshy green leaves and magenta flowers. Minnesota Wildflowers states this plant is biennial -forms leaves first year, flowers in the second year. However, Shelterwood-seeded Fameflower definitely flowered by mid-late June of the same year.

You'll do well to have them self-seed, otherwise you'll purchase them yearly. These need open space -little competition. What to plant them with? I'd try Hairy False Goldenaster and Silky Aster -two low growing species that like super drained soil. Another? How about Pasque Flower and Prairie Blue-eyed Grass. Throw in some Small Skullcap, Rough Sand Sedge and Prairie Violet. This plant also goes by Talinum parviflorum.

Blooms: magenta, late June through July
Height: 3 to 6 inches
Conditions: sun to pt sun, dry, gravel-sand soils
Fameflower's fleshy leaves.