Rosa blanda, Smooth Rose

Smooth Wild Rose is a northern tier species common across the state of Minnesota. At Shelterwood, it grows between the woods and the road, picking up about 5 hours of sun in the morning around the  summer solstice. The rest of the day it is in open shade. Given its life on a clay and gravel embankment, it is decidedly a tough plant that, where happy, can spread via underground stems. It's habit, like many roses, is open, not a dense shrub at all, but in aggregate can form a black raspberry-like patch. 
It's rosy-pink flowers are lightly scented and attractive to pollinators.  Like all arching-cane type roses (climbers, ramblers), the more prostrate the cane, the more flowers you will get.

Blooms: rosy pink, June

Height: 2 to 5 feet

Conditions: sun to pt sun, medium to moist-medium

Rosa blanda upper leaves and stem. Named Smooth Rose because new growth has few prickles.

Sweat Bee enjoying June roses.