Galliardia aristata, Blanketflower

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Minnesota's native Blanketflower is at home in the lowest average rainfall counties in the west and northwestern part of the state. It has also become fairly commonplace in the conventional landscape trade, but nearly all of those are cultivars and hybrids. What the landscape trade reveals to us is that Gialliardia aristata does make an excellent home garden plant and will do well in any prairie garden setting. My customers are highly unlikely to garden in Blanketflower's home range, but given its Special Concern status in Minnesota, planting it at your place in the Minneapolis metro region can be easily forgiven. Consider planting with Blue Grama, Prairie Dropseed, Orange Butterflyweed, Little Bluestem, Plains Oval Sedge, Liatris punctata, and more.

Blooms: yellow with red, June through September

Height: 12 - 24 inches

Conditions: sun, well-drained medium to dry soils