Mertensia virginica, Virginia Bluebells

It wouldn't be spring without Virginia Bluebells. However, these lovely ephemeral plants are not native to Hennepin County. Although they reach their northern natural limits just south of the Twin Cities, many people have planted them in their yards and gardens. As ephemerals, these come and go fairly quickly, just like that wonderful moment of sunny warmth before the trees fully leaf out. Shop for these early so that you can see what you are planting and mark its location for future reference. Plant Virginia Bluebells alongside Jack in the Pulpit, Spring Beauty, Lady Fern, Smooth Solomon's Seal, Ramps, or Large-Flowered Bellwort.

Bloom: blue to purple, April to May

Height: 12 to 18 inches

Conditions: shade to part sun, moist to medium soils, ephemeral