Quercus bicolor, Swamp White Oak

Pictures to Come!
Swamp White Oak creeps up the Mississippi River valley to establish itself between Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. No surprise, given the name "swamp," that it would creep up the river to its northwestern extent. It may be a surprise to hear that it not only makes a good oak for yards, it is often touted as a species to plant for our climate future. It does like moisture, much as Silver Maple or some Ash, but it doesn't require it. Of course, water deeply to get it established, especially during periods of drought. The deeper you water, the deeper the feeder roots will go, which will help should you want to plant underneath your new Swamp White Oak.

Shelterwood's Swamp White Oak are 3-5 years old and are planted in 9 gallon grow bags for easy planting. Protect from herbivory with a hardware cloth or chicken wire fence until tall enough to avoid browse.
Blooms: greenish-yellow, May
Fruit: July to August
Height: 70 feet
Conditions: pt shade to sun, moist-medium to medium soils