Gentianella quinquefolia, Stiff Gentian

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This is a new one for Shelterwood. A short lived perennial or biennial, our plants are in their second growing season. Once flowering, Stiff Gentian will self seed where well sited. It is at home in the southeastern corner of Minnesota and ceases to be native in Hennepin County. There are records of it growing in Ramsey and counties between the St. Croix and Mississippi rivers. Development pressures could have eliminated any populations from Hennepin County, and should you want to give this one a try, it is said to do well in the home garden. Requires moisture -perfect for the sloping embankment of a rain garden.

Blooms: blue-violet-purple, August to October

Height: 18 to 32 inches

Conditions: Sun to pt shade, moist to medium soils