Mitella diphylla, Bishop's Cap

 Pictures to Come!

Bishop's Cap enjoys the cool, shaded floor of our eastern woodlands. There it will do best, although it is a candidate for the north side of deeply-rooted trees, large shrubs, a fence, or even a building along with ferns and other shade loving native plants. Read total shade caveat below....

A tip for planting on the north side of a house -most forest species prefer some light. Not all day intense sun, dappled or just a bit of morning sun is perfectly fine. If no sun is available at all (those dark spaces right up against the north wall of a house), you'll want to plant species that grow on the north face of cliffs or deep within ravines. I'm thinking spleenworts, moss, wild ginger, and some fern may be able to fill that gap.

Blooms: white, late April into June

Height: 10 to 16 inches

Conditions: pt shade to shade, moist-medium to medium soils